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Thanh Nga Nine in Richmond

Address 160 Victoria Street


Opening Times         

Don't know and who cares? You don't want to visit this eatery anyway.   

Cuisine Vietnamese
Visited 11 March 2012

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I rarely went to Richmond. So, when a friend of mine organised this dinner and told me to meet up at the actual restaurant, Thanh Nga Nine, I thought that it’d be an easy one to get to and locate since it was still city-ish (and I’ve always been familiar with the city!).

Wrong. Well, it could have been, if I had written down the full name of the eatery instead of just remembering ‘Thanh’, since as it turned out everything around that area either started with the word ‘Thanh’ or contained the word ‘Thanh’. Anyway, minor issue. Moving on…

The eatery itself looked pretty decent, nothing swanky for sure, but it was pretty neat. Being a long weekend Sunday, Thanh Nga Nine was pretty packed and fortunately my friend already made a booking so we did not have to wait for a table.

Thanh Nga Nine had the largest meal and drink selection I had ever seen at a restaurant. With 200++ meal and drink options, it took us quite some time to decide what to have. Finally, after assessing the pictures, we settled for San Choy Bao (entrée), Roast Duck with plum sauce and Pork Casserole (mains), as well as an avocado smoothie for me and a durian smoothie for my friend.

Everything turned out quickly and was pretty outstanding. Generous portions, fresh san choy bao (although a little ‘wet’ for my taste), perfectly crispy-on-the-outside-tender-on-the-inside roast duck, rich-flavoured pork casserole with a subtle hint of spiciness, sweet and thick avocado smoothie, tangy Durian smoothie, pretty friendly staff, and on top of it all, it only cost us $35pp for that much delicious food and drink! We were not even able to finish them all so we took away the rest of the food home.

Everything was good.

Until the next day when I felt like finishing my doggy bag.

I was moving those dishes onto a plate, when I noticed A Perfect Baby Cockroach. Yep, perfect with its ribs, legs, wings, and antennae all intact, covered in the casserole's sauce. Here it is:

And, knowing their breeding nature, who knows how many more baby cockroaches went unnoticed and therefore eaten that evening?

You do not want to dine at Thanh Nga Nine (9).

Unless you like cockroach meat, that is.

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#2 Angel K. 2012-03-20 11:25
Done - Thanh Nga Nine was reported, inspected, and shut down until further notice :)

It was actually the City of Yarra, and not only were they sent those pictures, they currently have custody of the celebrity roach in the picture!
+1 #1 Avatar 2012-03-20 09:27
I wouldn't have guessed that cockroach was a special addition to their menu....eek!
You should send the pic into the City of Melbourne health inspectors so they can assess the restaurant & save other diners from a similar experience.

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