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Gattica in St. Kilda East.

Address 223 Carlisle Street

Opening Times      

Mon-Sun     Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner      

Cuisine Italian, Modern Australian

Visited 18 April 2011


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While waiting for my photography course to begin, we thought of dinner and Gattica was an easy, convenient option for the area where most food places were either closed or simply takeaway joints. But I was not disappointed; Gattica was in fact pretty impressive.

Gattica looked cozy from the outside. From the inside, it was affirmed; not much of a decor but it was modern, not the poshest yet I could still sense class, and it was certainly not the most spacious but it was warm and comfortable with bright lights and easy listening music of the 90s playing in the background.

The menu was big, especially because we got there 15 to 6 and were presented with both lunch and dinner options (dinner started at 6). On offer was Italian cuisine with a twist; uniquely-named wood fire pizza with various (and I meant Various) toppings, pasta and risotto, and modern Australian mains.

Placed was the order of paella-style risotto (with prawns, chicken, and chorizo and without mussels), prosciutto-wrapped breast fillet, and a side of chips with aioli.

The chips were cooked to crisp as requested (as they did not have French fries) and was served, with our permission, early as an entree.

Just a little over half an hour later (they did warn us about this), our mains arrived. Only two of them for the two of us but it felt like a feast. They were generously portioned presented on classic big white plates, also unique and delicious. My meaty, paella risotto made me eat a few spoonfuls of it before I got used to the taste of its red, paella sauce, and the two chunky chicken fillets wrapped in prosciutto served with green vege and green sauce really tickled my fancy.

Sadly, because it took them half an hour to deliver our mains and because my photography course was about to start, I could not go for their flourless chocolate cake (and crème brulee!) that I'd had in mind long before I decided on a main. But, there will definitely be a next time especially because I'd love to try their pizza too!


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