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Misuzu's "Umami" in Albert Park.

Address 7 Victoria Avenue        

Opening Times      

Mon-Sun        12pm-3pm   5.30pm-10pm 

Cuisine Japanese                     

Visited 7 April 2011


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I felt like having Japanese that night, so I jumped on the Internet, found Misuzu's, made a booking, and arrived there half an hour later.

Originally went to Misuzu's, turned out our booking was for Misuzu’s “Umami” which was located a couple of doors down from Misuzu's. Misuzu's was more fine dining – the setting, decor, and ambience was more posh than Umami. Having said that, Umami was not much more informal; a little more casual yet still classy with their wooden style dining set and classic dimmed yellow lighting creating that that comfortable, romantic, and rather exotic ambience.

Despite the last minute booking, my friend and I were seated at a prime area of the restaurant; on very comfy sofas on the very corner by the window with a view of the homey environment of Albert Park where a lot of people walked their dogs at night.

Not understanding why, but I seemed to conjure up (flying) insects when I visited some restaurants. There was a bug in our soy sauce and when the staff replaced it with some other table's soy sauce, there was also another bug in there (!) which reminded me too much of my dining experience at La Luna Bistro and Stokehouse.

On a much much brighter side, Misuzu's Umami's cuisine was incredibly delicious that was delivered through their pleasant and extremely fast and efficient service. I had finished my entrees, scrumptious tempura prawn and inari zushi, but my friend still had yet to finish his last piece of Misuzu’s Umami’s tender, succulent pork spare ribs, when the staff delivered our mains; beef katsu and teriyaki chicken. Both of the dishes were served with fresh salad, and both dishes were certainly cooked to impress. The beef katsu was crispy and kind of sour (it was perhaps the sauce?), but the chunky chicken teriyaki was sweet and flawless. Then there was the pearl (sushi) rice that lightened the heavy meat and thick sauce combos, nicely complementing our meals.

Misuzu’s Umami was not very cheap at roughly $50 pp, but they surely delivered great value for money through their cuisine that made me want to revisit. That, and also I’d very much love to try their cold tapas set dish!


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