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Thaila Thai in Brunswick East.

Address 82 Lygon Street

Opening Times         

Mon-Sun        5.30pm-late               

Cuisine Thai, Asian

Visited 26 March 2011


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Out of the hundreds Thai restaurants in Carlton -the home of Thai restaurants it seemed to be- we picked to go to Thaila Thai due to its popularity.

Which I honestly did not get. Their meals were delicious, that was a certainty. But, how their green curry was different to the green curry of the Thai restaurant next door, or the green curry I had ever had in life, my friend and I did not have a clue. To accompany the green curry we also ordered yellow curry, hoping it would be different. Was it different?

Certainly. But only because most Thai restaurants only offer green and red curry. Thaila Thai's yellow curry was regrettably very similar to typical Indian curry only weaker in taste. On the fried side, we went for their Victoria's Butterflies which was pork filled deep fried treats served with sweet chilli sauce. It was crispy, it was tasty, but... again, it was just okay.

Thaila Thai was not a high end restaurant (at $34 for 2 persons, it was actually the cheapest, non-fast food meals I had had in ages) and so it was acceptable that their ambience was dreadfully noisy, crowded, and highly fast-paced. But, to have glass clinging and breaking every 10 minutes or so was simply inappropriately chaotic.

Service was also another aspect that was just like other Thai restaurants of Thaila Thai’s league. The staff were friendly, but the actual service neither very quick nor very slow.

I did not hate Thaila Thai – but I did not love it either.

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