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Miyako at Southgate.

Address Shop UR2, Southgate Arts & Leisure Precinct, Southbank      
Opening Times 

Mon - Fri  & Sun     12pm - 2.30pm,  6pm - 10.30pm 

Sat                        12pm-2.30pm,  6pm-11pm

Cuisine Japanese
Visited 8 August 2010


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Looking for a place to eat on a Sunday afternoon was pretty simple as all restaurants (that were open) would have seats for you. After walking around Southbank area and checking out some menus of different restaurants, we ended up having lunch at Miyako, so despite the 5-Star rating, this may not be a true dining experience review of mine as it was only a Sunday lunch as opposed to the usual Friday or Saturday night dinners where restaurants are potentially at their worst.

What attracted us to have lunch at Miyako was their Japanese-themed restaurant setting with a wooden bridge and some Japanese-style rooms presumably for private bookings at the entrance complete with Japanese decor all over the restaurant. Then we had a look at their menu which looked good to us and their prices were reasonable (especially because they had lunch sets at really good prices), so there we were, having lunch at Miyako.

Considering it was far from being busy, the service at Miyako was good; our food were delivered promptly and one course at a time, and their staff were polite but not chatty. So overall it was a really quiet, organised, peaceful lunch, which was very good indeed.

All the food ordered turned out to be delicious; we ordered their Beef Teriyaki lunch set, Tempura lunch set, and California roll. The lunch sets came with peas, miso soups, salmon salads, and bowls of fruits. What we ordered was nothing new or unusual really, but, I especially loved my Beef Teriyaki very much; the meat was of good quality (no fatty, stringy part) and it was tender despite being cooked well done and the sauce was sweet just to my liking. Simply perfect. 

To close our lunch experience, we were given wet napkins that were brought out together with the fruits, which I found very handy for a messy eater like me. So, for their great food and equally great service, Miyako is definitely worth a visit - at least for lunch!


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