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Man Mo in Docklands.

Address 42 Newquay Promenade, Docklands                   
Opening Times    

Tue - Fri   12am-3pm, 6pm-11pm

Sat           12am-3pm, 6pm-11.30pm

Sun          12am-11pm

Cuisine 5 July 2010
Visited 17 September 2010


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Visited on a weekday night, Man Mo was quiet as there were not many customers. The first noticable thing about Man Mo was its elegant decoration making the restaurant very classy and high-class-looking, which was impressive.

Despite being a weekday night, there were many staff at the time so service was very good; our food was delivered quickly, our plates were changed after each meal, my water was refilled as soon as it was finishing, and they really made sure that our food was not too hot before serving it to us. Another thing that impressed me that night!

Man Mo had many many many food varieties listed on their menu so it took me long to decide what to have. Finally, as a starter, we had Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumplings, three small pieces of them, which were presented in plain dinner plates to us as the staff claimed it was too hot in its original plate. But, whatever they came in it did not matter at all as they were so tasty! At a high price I was hoping those dumplings would have been bigger in portion though. For mains, we had Hei Mi Duckling Fillets, which were roast duck fillets with a mixture of duck gravy and black peppercorn sauce served over a bed of Shanghai bok choy, and The Cantonese Eye Fillets Beef, which were beef fillets glazed with Cantonese sauce served on a sizzling plate. Both mains were incredibly tasty and tender, except that the duck fillets were kind of cold, but maybe it was just the way it was supposed to be served? Not sure. Man Mo definitely had a range of great food that even the fried rice was fantastic! So, if you are after some great Chinese/Malaysian food but are not budget-limited, Man Mo is very much recommended.

So, why the 4 Stars? Well, everything was perfect -the food, the ambience, the service, the staff- until at the end of my dinner where I realised that there was hair in my water! The staff apologized after I let him know about it, but still, hygiene matters too much when it comes to food to me :/


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