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Belgian Beer Cafe in Southbank.

Address 5 Riverside Quay     
Opening Times     

Mon-Sun     11am-1am        

Cuisine Belgian/European
Visited 28 June 2010


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With yellow lighting and wooden furniture, Belgian Beer Cafe gave me that cosy, relaxed feelings as soon as I entered the restaurant. Not visiting it on a weekend also probably added that extra warmth to the atmosphere; nevertheless, as the night went on and Belgian Beer Cafe was more crowded, it was still able to maintain its cosiness.

Belgian Beer Garden was sectioned into two; the bar and the dining sections which made it look neat and organised. Originally wanting to simply have drinks, my friend and I first arrived in the bar section but ended up having a proper dinner in the dining section in this European-influenced restaurant.

As a starter, we had plain white bread that came in a brown paper bag and served with butter. Slightly unusual, but it had to be one of the tastiest, freshest plain bread I had ever had (that we even thought of asking for some more!). Their meals were extraordinary; although the portion was a bit small for me, my Bouchee a la Reine (chicken and forest mushroom baked with bechamel served in pastry case) was still satisfying. My friend's meal was even more tempting; two scrumptious rissoles (braised pork, beef, and thyme meatballs) that came with a bowl of chips and mayonnaise. The Belgian Beer Cafe was also famous for its beer of which my friend ordered some and of which I tried a little as I am not a big fan of beer. Still, I was pleased with their really fine moscato.

Regrettably, the dining section of Belgian Beer Cafe was only attended by one staff; it was good enough when we started having our meals, but not good enough as the night went on and there were more people coming in for dinner. Nevertheless, I would definitely come back especially because I am really familiar with the  term 'Belgian chocolate' and I, limited by time, did not have a chance to try their dessert!


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