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The Royal Mail on Spencer, West Melbourne.

Address 159 Spencer Street                                                          
Opening Times         

Mon-Sat    10.00am-till late

Cuisine Australian
Visited 18 June 2010

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The Royal Mail was kind of unique. My friend and I had a reservation just to be sure we could get seats as soon as we arrive, but I do not think it was necessary as it was not even that busy compared to some restaurants in the city on a Friday night. Located at the edge of the CBD, at first I was reluctant to walk that far from home, but after hearing out what my friend had to say about the restaurant and checking out their menu online, I was made to walk through the cold night of Melbourne to get there.

So, what made the Royal Mail special? Their food. They served game meats and they had what they called 'Roadkill Wednesdays' where you had the opportunity to sample critters from the Australian bush such as kangaroo, crocodile, emu, wild boar, and Tasmanian possum.

No I did not try any of the above as I am not adventurous when it comes to food and that I visited the restaurant on a Friday, but, for a change, I did try some rabbit meat. After asking some staff many times regarding the taste of rabbit just to be sure it was not going to be shocking for me, I finally decided to go for it as it was the special meal that night; $30 for the set which consisted of a main course, a glass of wine, and a dessert.

Unfortunately, despite arriving pretty early for dinner and beating the dinner time rush, it took them half an hour to serve the meals, and to my disappointment my rabbit came in a tiny portion and was not presented really well. The rabbit meat itself was surprisingly delicious, of which my friend claimed to be the best one he had ever had. Came with the rabbit meat were also its liver and kidney (eek!) and some potatoes and vegetables. Better looking than the main course was the dessert; really sweet chocolate brownie with ice cream on top, admittedly one of the best desserts I have had. One thing I found helpful was a jug of water and a couple of glasses were already on the table since before we arrived, very handy for me indeed.

The Royal Mail had an unusual environment; even though overall the restaurant looked pretty fancy, my seat was simply an uncomfortable wooden chair; even though there were nice decorations all over the restaurant, a painting located close to our table was of a creepy, smiling gorilla-looking man that I had to switch seats with my friend to avoid it staring at me the whole time. A beautiful contradiction? Maybe.

The Royal Mail is definitely suitable for those who are after quality, unique meats, but, do not bring your own tea as they would still charge you full price for it!


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#4 SBM 2011-10-24 17:28
After 30 minutes we had to ask for some bread to eat, as nothing was forthcoming. They asked 3 times if we wanted water and each time we said yes, but it didn't come. After an hour we asked when our entree would come and we were asked why. Eventually it came and we ate it in 5 minutes (as we were hungry). We then had to wait for another hour before the main course came. I would almost have go over it if the food was exceptional, however the steak was totally raw and not edible and the lamb was very fatty. It is the first restaurant in Melbourne in more than 10 years that I haven't left a tip and the worst restaurant ever. Suggest you think twice before you go.
#3 Angel K. 2011-09-13 12:52
Hahaha I think the name suits! Has Kamal always been there since the Royal Mail Hotel was established?
+1 #2 sly 2011-09-13 06:09
Lol that smiling gorilla man is Kamal.
#1 Javier 2010-06-22 07:08
what do you mean whith "A beautiful contradiction? Maybe."....

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