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Lindt Chocolat Cafe Official Opening in South Yarra.

Address 500 Chapel Street
Opening Times     

Mon-Thu, Sun     10am-6pm

Fri-Sat               10am-Midnight         

Cuisine Desserts
Visited 8 August 2011


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Celebrating the opening of the newest Lindt Chocolate Café on Chapel Street, there was an official opening event hosted by Lindt's Master Chocolatier, Thomas Schnetzler.

This special evening - held at the third Lindt café in Melbourne - was overwhelmingly filled with pure sweetness! Greeted by Lindt’s events team, we were led to the solid chocolate in the shape of a Lindt handbag where we were given the opportunity to guess the weight of Mr. Schnetzler’s creation for the chance to win the prize of scrumptious Lindt chocolate hamper!

There were more chocolates followed; warming up the night was fruit and marshmallow fondue (find their recipe here) with glasses of wine circling around. Reaching the peak of the night, Lindt Australia’s CEO, Stephen Loane, gave a brief introduction on what was the night all about (chocolate! Okay, maybe it was not that simple but more along the line of ‘first tastings of Lindt’s new delice macaron and cake collection available soon at all Lindt cafés’), Lindt’s mini company background, and how Lindt Australia has come so far from being the first to introduce the Lindt café concept in the world to their plan of opening the fourth Lindt café in Melbourne at Southgate in October.

Then came the most exciting part (and no, it was not the announcement of the chocolate-handbag-weight-guessing-game winner because I did not win); the actual tastings of Lindt’s new collection! There was the coconut/cherry sponge cake (which had charming combination of sweet and sour), the unique Lindt’s spoon chocolate (which was a spoon ‘dipped’ in solid chocolate so you could put it straight into a cup of hot milk and make an instant hot chocolate or you could eat it straight just like you would a lollipop!), apple/cinnamon delice, as well as the best delice I have tried in a long, long time, the chocolate/banana delice! Mmm…

The evening was closed with, of course, more sweetness; goodybags of chocolate and an invitation to attend the Lindt’s chocolate appreciation session the following evening at the Collins Street café which only meant one thing; more chocolate! ;)

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